Tara Dubarr, owner of Vibrant Health Options™, offers an array of bioenergetic modalities. Tara was certified in Tama Do™, utilizing sound, light, color and essences on acupuncture points and within the energy fields. Tara has trained with sound healing pioneers Fabien Maman and Jonathon Goldman. She studied color and essence vibrational therapy with French sensitive Patricia Janusz and is certified in Integrated Awareness™ with sensitive Connie Newton. She began work as a professional intuitive in 1994.

Tara studied shamanism with Cachora (aka Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan) and Nicole Bartolucci (Druidic Priestress). More recently, she was privileged to study secrets of the healing plants and receive initiations into the traditions of the Amazonian shamans at Yushintaita Peru, with Master Shaman and Ayahuasquero Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez, and the remarkable Shaman and Ayahuasquero Dona Marlene. Tara also studied with and received initiations from, Q'ueros Don Sebastian and Philippe, at various traditional sites around the Sacred Valley in Peru.

Tara has developed and offers two types of bioenergetic techniques featuring: 'Bioenergetic Touch™' sensing, moving and transforming energy through her hands, and 'Bioenergetic Harmonics™' moving and transforming energy, with a sophisticated vocal balancing technique, based on resonate frequencies and feed-back loops.

Tara combines her skills to form unique vibratory sessions, which can affect the flow of chi, chakra alignment, mental and physical relaxation; entrain healthy harmonic frequencies in the physical body and foster conscious awareness. Tara is dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness and the celebration of each individual's bioenergetic potential.

Tara with Paco George, and Q’ueros Philippe and Don Sebastian Ingrosso


"Exhausted from working over time, for many months, I decided to get a Bioenergetic Touch™ & Bioenergetic Harmonics™ session from Tara. I was astounded by the results. I felt my energy reserve return and a deep content that I had not felt in some time. The session ended with specific recommendations for diet, color, sound and Tao Yin Fa™ (Chi Gong) to ground the work. My session greatly helped me through the days that followed." - Karen M., Boulder  CO 

"I have a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI). Tara’s Bioenergetic Touch™ & Bioenergetic Harmonics™ sessions were very powerful for me. She combines a rare blend of skill, based in science with a gifted healing intuition. I was taken on a multi-level sensory healing journey in a safe environment. The sessions relieved mental and emotional stress, and improved my ability to focus which are common difficulties with MTBI. It was a gift for me to be able to work with her." - Amba H., Louisville, CO

"After reading an article about using Vibration Therapy to treat stress and insomnia, I decided to a Bioenergetic Touch™ & Bioenergetic Harmonics™ session with Tara. At first, I was keenly aware of what was happening around me but quickly entered a state of total peace and calm. I recall ‘waking’, at the end, completely relaxed and clear headed. This state lasted the week, plus I experienced greater energy and slept well. Quite a change for an insomniac! My experience was absolutely amazing." - Rita R., Denver, CO 

"Bioenergetic Touch™ & Bioenergetic Harmonics™ are incredibly gentle and highly effective techniques that released my mental, emotional and physical stresses simultaneously. I was used to working with several different traditional therapies such as massage, rolfing and psychology but the Bioenergetic Touch™ & Bioenergetic Harmonics™ addressed all these issues in one. The effectiveness of this work is extraordinary." - Bella M., Lyons, CO • (303) 818-5812 • site maplinks