Would you like to address health challenges, possess increased energy, greater flexibility or achieve optimal weight? Maybe you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint through food, cultivating beauty ("Beauty is an inside job"™), or promoting a peaceful self nature. Perhaps you would like to improve your live food skills to expand your raw culinary options with sensuous ethnic food or delectable deserts.

Whatever your focus, Chef Tara enjoys working with individuals one-on-one and can empower you with skills, ideas, and insights for success.

Hourly consulting accommodates special needs of any kind, including health challenges, allergens and food preferences. From sore teeth with braces, to avoiding sugars for diabetes and cancer, classes are tailored to your needs.

Chef Tara also consults to develop dynamic, delicious personal, family and business menus.

Call (303) 818-5812 or e-mail for price quotes.

I am not a medical doctor. Sessions do not constitute medical advice or treatment. Please consult a holistic physician before undertaking any dietary program. It is your sole responsibility and judgment whether to utilize all or any information discussed during sessions.

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