Explore options to utilize the bioenergetics inherent in whole living foods, to create a balanced inner terrain and experience vibrant health. In its natural state of health, the human body is a brilliantly functioning organism. Learn information and skills to create a vibrant life force, full of brilliance and compassion.

"With Kirlian photography (researchers have found that) a luminescent field, a natural radiation field surrounding living organisms, takes the form of a coronal discharge. (It) clearly shows that live food has a much stronger auric, luminescent field than cooked food. All living organisms are mad of patterns of resonant energy or subtle organizing energy fields. This energy is reflected in the functioning of each cell, and the electrical field of the cells maintains the integrity of the biological system. We can think of the electrical luminescence in the Kirlian photography as a measure of life force in the cell. The stronger the life force of the cell, the stronger the electrical luminescence we see in the Kirlian photograph. In essence, the electrical luminescence represents the pictorial sum of the electrical potential of each cell. The obvious conclusion is that the healthier our electrical potential of each cell in the tissues, the healthier we are.” - Dr Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

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