Handmade from 100% Organic Ingredients

Handmade to order, these truffles are made locally in small batches. The three-step process results in amazing flavor combinations... opening with a silky chocolatey coating that melts in your mouth... evolving into a fresh tang of flavors that is the signature of raw foods... and culminating with a satisfying lingering sweet finish.

Currently available in the
Boulder/Denver area only

Batches are always made fresh!

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Our truffles can also be purchased individually at
Tonic Herban Lounge in Boulder, Colorado.


"Your truffles are sensational... I think in terms of sensory and nutritional satisfaction, they should be right up there with some great champagnes, caviar or lobster." - Robert D., Boulder, CO

"The truffles are AMAZING!  I had two last night!" - Karren M., Lafayette, CO

"Thanks so much for the truffles!! They were delicious." - Lili F., Boulder, CO

"Julian and I are in Thailand this Valentine’s Day, and are really sad to miss your truffles - which brought us together! Can't believe we've been dating for two years now... We've been thinking fondly of your truffles…! Happy Valentine's day!" - Tommasina M., Fort Collins, CO

"THE BEST F***ING TRUFFLES I'VE EVER EATEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Jim M., Lyons, CO

"We have shared two chocolates...the best in the whole world...thank you Tara!" - Tamara M., Boulder, CO

"I have a truffle at the Tonic now and then, most delicious." - Joseph F., Boulder, CO

"The truffles were a gift to myself… They are *wonderful*!" - Annie M., Boulder, CO

"Just to let you know those truffles, were the best sweet food I've ever had... ever." - Sydney C., Boulder, CO

"I have been indulging blissfully with your ginger truffles." - Gina H., Boulder, CO 

"We’re having fun with our sampler box here. Up to now, I would say that my favorite is the very first one my husband and I shared, the Tlaquetzalli. But I also really loved the El Beso one. It’s hard to say! They’re all so delicious! I’m a big fan of yours..." - Adriana L., Louisville, CO

"Tara makes delicious raw chocolate truffles (I just had one with goldenberries and it was amazing). You have to try one!" - Kate G., Boulder, CO

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